Let’s make the world more interactive with GoTouch !

Anyractive is a combination of “any” and “interactive”, which means to interact with people from anywhere at anytime.

Our company aims to create AR based on communication with Interactive Displays.

We want to make your Digital Life more fun and convenient for you.

More specifically, interactive IT technology can be utilized for more effective communication between people and people, people and machines, and machine and machine.

Anyractive History

2019.01.   CES 2019 Hyundai MOBIS Autonomous Driving vehicle

2019.01.   Exhibition Partner with Windshield Display Mapping

2018.01.   SMB TechFest Winner BEST PRODUCT

2018.01.   CES 2018 “IT INNOVATION” AWARD

2017.12.   Selected by BESTBUY Ignite USA

2017.11.    Selected by SBA, Accelerating

2017.08.   Uangel (TOMO NOTE)  GoTouch Play Sale

2017.08.   E-Learning Korea Grand prize

2017.05.   IoT Center Seoul Selection of Business

2016.12.   K-ICT Smart Device Grand prize

2016.05.   VR/AR Challenge award ( SBS & Samsung )

2016.04.   Best Innovation Goods ( Gov )

2016.03.   Education Product for Education Center ( Gov )

2015.12.   Samsung Wennovation 1st prize

2015.12.   K-Global 300

2015.10.   Korean Startup Summit NYC Top3 ( ERA )

2015.04.   AllSeen Alliance Members(Global IoT Alliance)

2015.02.   K-Champ Top 10

2015.01.   MWC2015 KT Partner

2014.06.   MK Mobile Startup Korea M7

2014.04.   beLAUNCH2014 Top20

2013.07.   Established a R&D Center

2012.09.   Established a Corporate